Yes 2010 is here, crazy. I have not made a new year’s resolution and I am not sure if I am going to, resolution schmesolution. I am just trying to enjoy these last few days of my break and I am hoping that my January stays pretty low key.
Snowboarding with the boyfriend was really fun. I fell a lot, which was expected, I have a very soar butt, which was also expected, I did really well after we ate lunch, not expected. I was really happy that after we ate lunch I spent hardly any time at all on my butt and I spent most of it actually snowboarding. I had a great time overall and I am really excited for the next time that we go, which will be soon.
As promised I have some pictures from our trip and just some randoms from experimenting with my new camera.

My mom and me.

My niece Aggie.

My nephew Hudson.

The best friend Kimmi and I shopping in downtown Olympia.

So glad the boyfriend is back from Florida!

The boyfriend and me taking a walk at sunset.

The harbor in downtown Olympia.

The capitol.

On our way to White Pass!

White Pass.

The lovely boyfriend and myself.

The first half of my day.

Eating lunch.

Getting ready to drive home.

Last week I spent the week in Kansas visiting my dad, stepmom, and two brothers. It was actually a great trip, very relaxing, and fun.

Pre-trip (Tuesday):

The day before I left was my mom’s birthday and we spent the day in Seattle. It was so much fun! On our way to Seattle we got pedicures in Olympia, which was much needed. Then we went to ikea to get some goodies for my dorm room. I pretty much have everything I need now and I am super stoked to move! Anyway, we met my sister and niece and nephew at ikea and we had a sweet time. We proceeded to go to Nordstrom where I got some awesome new threads. We spent a massive amount of time at both stores so by the time we were done it was like 8:00 and we decided we were hungry and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Dinner was awesome, as it usually is at the Cheesecake Factory, but it was super busy so we had to sit really close to the people around us. Ignoring the negative of being so close to everyone, it was awesome because we could listen to other people’s conversations. The people to the right of us were very funny because they were high school kids on a date and it was ironic because the girl ordered some sort of pasta and the boy ordered a salad. It made me laugh. After dinner we went to our hotel and we got there pretty late so there wasn’t a lot of parking so we parked on the side and when we went in the receptionist person informed us that there was a thief in the parking lot and if we had any valuables we should bring them inside and we were like oh its cool we put all of our stuff in the trunk. She then informed us that these theives take out the locks on the trunks and that is where they get most of their loot. So we had to bring everything that we purchased up to our room, which took a while. On our last trip up to our room there was this guy a few doors down from us and we had seen him at the Cheesecake Factory. I said to him, “hey we saw you at the cheesecake factory.” He laughed and said, “oh are you stalking me? It’s ok, you can stalk me.” I was officially creeped out. So we went into our room and watched The L Word (my favorite show) and then went to bed. I fell asleep and around 1:00 and we had to wake up at 3:45.

Day One (Wednesday):

So after getting less than 3 hours of sleep I had to wake up and get myself ready and we headed to the airport. Our car was not broken into, as far as we know. My plane was supposed to leave at 6:15 but we didn’t leave until about 7:00 because there was some sort of latch on one of the compartments in the back that was broken. I only had a 45 minute layover when I got to Denver. I was so worried that I was going to miss my flight. It all turned out ok, I just had to run to my flight and then we left right away. I arrived in Kansas around 2:00 and was greeted by my two brothers and my stepmom. We went home and I took a 2 1/2 hour nap. It was amazing. That night we just hung out when my dad got home from work and it was a nice relaxing day.

Day Two (Thursday):

I woke up Thursday morning and we all went to the pool. It was about 95 degrees out and the pool felt so amazing. We stayed there for a couple of hours and when we got home I took my 7 year old brother to see GI Joe. It was actually a pretty good movie, not to mention that Channing Tatum is rather good looking and not to hard to look at for two hours. While we were waiting for the movie to start, these two guys came in and sat a couple of rows in front of us. I couldn’t help but laugh when they sat with a seat in between them…oh men. The rest of that day was relaxing yet again and I played a lot of sudoku.

Day Three (Friday):

My Aunt Dana came to visit. I was so happy because I have not seen my Aunt Dana in about 5 or 6 years. She is amazing and I used to spend a week with her every summer so it had been far too long. She wanted to go to a movie so just she and I went to see the Time Traveler’s Wife (which was amazing!) and then came home and chatted with my dad and stepmom before we went to bed.

Day Four (Saturday):

We woke up early and went out to breakfast and then we went to the city market. It was really fun to walk around but it was so hot and humid, it was almost unbearable. While at the marketplace, we went to the Steamboat Arabia Museum. If you are ever in Kansas City, I strongly recommend seeing it. The Steamboat Arabia is a Steamboat that sunk in the Missouri River in 1856. The boat had several passengers as well as a couple of tons of cargo making its way from Kansas City to St. Louis. It didn’t make it very far before it sunk. All of the passengers survived but most of their belongings and the cargo did not. Several years after the boat sunk, there were rumors of a lot of alcohol aboard. Many people tried to dig up the boat but with little luck and the alcohol was never found. I believe it was 20 years ago that a father, his two sons, and a family friend wanted to dig up this boat and try to find some treasure. To make a long story short, they found so many artifacts and opened this museum to show what they had found. It was pretty amazing. Here are some pictures.steamboat_painting



After the museum my aunt went home and the rest of the day was more relaxing and sudoku.

Day Five (Sunday):

Sunday was by far the most relaxing day of the week. We all slept in and laid in our pajamas for most of the day. My stepmom recorded the last season of Hell’s Kitchen, it is one of the best shows ever. My dad and I watched the last 9 episodes of the show and I am now in love with it. That night, we went to dinner at Power Play, which is like a fancy chuckie cheese. The food is way better and it has more games for older people. After we got home, I was so tired from doing nothing all day that I went to bed.

Day Six (Monday):

This was my last full day in Kansas. Brady, my brother, wanted to see yet another movie, so we went to see Aliens in the Attic. It was not a bad movie. I think that most little kids would enjoy it. Other than that, I played a lot of sudoku and watched some lifetime movies with my stepmom.

Day Seven and Post-trip (Tuesday):

This was the day I was going home. I woke up early (6:30) and got ready to go. The day was boring, just flying and then I got home around 2:00. The lovely boyfriend picked me up from the airport, we went to lunch at Red Robin, and then he took me home.

The trip was fun. There were a couple of thunder storms with thunder so loud and so close to the house it felt like an earthquake sometimes. My brothers love the wiggles and after being home for a day now, I still have this stuck in my head.

I have been working on this quilt for a couple of weeks now and I am in love with it! I am making it for my mom’s birthday and I just want to keep it for myself. This is the completed front side. The quilt isn’t done (the back is going to be the green with leaves) but I am so thrilled with how it turned out I just couldn’t wait to share it! 



It has been a while since I have written a blog, or even been on wordpress. Things have been so crazy. School is going great and I am so proud of myself for how well I have been doing in my classes. I have been working so hard and when things work out the way that I want them to, I feel like I am on top of the world. I have been working on my college applications and thinking a lot about what is going to be happening in this next year. It is scary but really exciting. My main goal is to get into the University of Washington nursing program. I am applying to other schools as well but my number one choice is the University of Washington. So I kept telling myself for the longest time that I probably was not going to get in because I did not have a 4.0 and being negative about my ability to get into the program. The more that I have been looking at the school and looking at my grades and what they are looking for, I have decided that those negative thoughts were completely wrong. I am so passionate about being a pediatric nurse and I have been working so hard to be able to end up there in a few years and having negative thoughts and telling myself that I was not going to be able to do it was going to make sure that it wouldn’t happen for me. 

I was talking to my mom about being excited about applying to colleges and I cannot wait to go to nursing school and she told me that I should make a vision board. I just thought to myself Wow, that sounds really lame and unproductive. But she told me that she has heard a lot of people talk about how vision boards have worked for them, one of her co-workers made a vision board for his horse to place as one of the top in the nation and the horse placed tenth. I was still skeptical about it though. I did not even know what a vision board really even consisted of. All you have to do is just put pictures or symbols of what you want to acheive on the “board”, look at it for a few minutes everyday, and Shazam: Your dreams come true! It seems pretty amazing and silly and a little bit like a joke. It has to with the laws of attraction and just attracting the things that you want to you. If you have positive thoughts about it, it will happen. If you are negative, it will not. It is very simple. So I tried this laws of attraction theory out on my Anatomy and Physiology test. I just told myself that I was going to get an “A”. I told myself this often. Every time that I studied I said, “I am going to get an ‘A’ on this test.” Every time that I got frustrated with the material I just told myself, “I am giong to get an ‘A’ on this test.” I studied like I normally would, I didn’t study any more or less than I usually would, and Shazam: I got an “A”. So that is when I started putting my vision board together. It is still in progress but it looks good so far!

So that is my vision and in a few months, Shazam: I will be accepted to nursing school. Just like that. Haha. It sound so silly but it actually works. You should try it, maybe without the Shazam part though.