I am experiencing a bit of writer’s block at the moment. It is quite depressing, considering I have the time and I would like to make use of it.

Today was another glorious day of break. I did homework for a good chunk of the day, which was good; I needed to get some things done. The best part of my day was my massage. It. Was. Amazing.

I hope that everyone has had a great week and have a great Friday!

I will leave you with this little gem…

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I have been ejoying my mini break before spring semester starts and yesterday was the best day yet! I went to my sister’s house and hung out with her and these precious little munchkins for most of the day:

We went to the movie store so that Aggie could get a new movie and the sister and I rented Love Happens
I had never even heard of it and I think that it is pretty new. In any event, it was amazing! I loved it so much and I stongly recommend it to those of you who live for romantic comedies, as I do. We watched it when the kiddies were asleep, which made it much more enjoyable. After her husband got home from work, we went to see It’s Complicated
This movie was also amazing! I loved it so much and I cannot wait for it to come out on video because I am definitely going to purchase it!
On our way home from the movies, we drove by the Muckelshoot Casino in Auburn and saw that they were having a casting call for The Amazing Race. I have watched the show a couple of times but never really got into it. My sister on the other hand loves it and she said that if she could go on any show that would be the show. But she said that her husband would never do it with her, so I suggested I go with her. We both got really amped and when we looked into the details we found out that we could not go to the casting call and there is a really long application process that had to be done by…today. So needless to say, we can’t go on it but we are really going to try to do it next year and I am really excited about it; it should be fun.
I also finished Catching Fire (I will write a review on it shortly) and I started Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and I am loving it. I did not quite reach my goal of finishing the four books that I wanted to finish by the end of Februrary but finishing them before spring semester seems very reasonable.
I hope that everyone is having a great week and I plan on having some more exciting stuff to post soon!

but I am glad. It has been sooo long since my last blog. The last few weeks of class were crazy with clinicals and papers due every week and then finals…needless to say I had zero time to blog. I have also had zero time to do anything. I feel sad because last weekend I had something planned for every day and I ended up having to miss a christmas party and a celebration/open house for Jennifer’s Lil Love. However, I will add that I am really proud of my self for finishing the semester strong and doing really well in my classes. So without further ado, some things I need to update you on:

1. I am on break!!! It is really nice to have no work or school, only fun!

2. I only have 5 more semesters of nursing school. This semester went by so fast that it is crazy to think that I only have 5 more semesters that will go by just as fast…and then I will be a nurse!

3. I am sick. đŸ˜¦ It is only a cold and I am getting over it rather quickly but congestion bites the big one.

4. I only have 2 more christmas presents to buy (which is amazing considering I buy for about 15 people).

5. The boyfriend went to Florida yesterday, lucky dog. I miss him though.

6. I am sure there is more but this is just a quick overview and I have to get ready to go pick my brother up from school. It is good to be back blogging and since I have so much free time on my hands I will definitely be blogging every day until at least January.

7. On one last note, and perhaps a blog for tomorrow, I have been stressed so much about technical official transcript things that it is really nice to be on break, away from school, and not have to worry about it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day I will be back tomorrow!