This morning was my first trial with the dream log. Last night I had a pretty strange dream but I woke up several times so there were some holes that I could not patch up once I woke up for good. But its a trial and error experiment/project and hopefully it will get easier and I will get better at logging my dreams.

In my dream, it was the first day of classes for winter quarter and I really needed to get my books. I had a credit at the school to use in the bookstore and in order to retreive this, I had to go the cashier window at the school. I went and there was a lady there that I had never seen before. She informed me that the process was changed for buying books and you had to get on a wait list within your age group and then the oldest people in each age group got to buy their books first depending on when they got put on the list (It sounds really confusing and in my dream, it was). I continued to go to school for the next week without my books and there was a chart outside the bookstore showing what age groups had bought their books and what the estimated time would be for all other age groups to get their books. The day finally came for me to be able to get my books. I had to wait all day in line to get them and by the time I got them packed up to go home, there was hardly anyone left at the school. I had to put all of my books in a suitcase because appearantly I needed about 20 books for my classes. I was shoving them in the suitcase when my philosophy teacher from last quarter asked me if I wanted help getting them to my car. I got them all loaded in and I started my drive home. On the way home I remembered that because the snow was melting at a dangerously fast rate, there was a lot of flooding happening near my house and there was a ferry that was that was taking people to the area where I live. Unfortunately, I got to the ferry just as it was leaving the dock, and it was the last ferry of the day. So I was yelling and screaming for it to come back and they told me that they could not come back to the dock but they could float by and I had to jump on. I agreed but as they were approaching me, they warned me about the sharks that were in the water. Just as I was jumping into the boat, a huge shark swam under me and I lost my balance as I landed and almost fell into the water. Some people on the boat caught me and I sat down. Shortly after, I noticed that there was a huge killer whale (or orca, if you prefer that name) hanging on the top of the boat. Just as I noticed it and thought about how strange it was, the shark jumped over the ferry and bit the whale, taking it back into the water with it.

I must have woken up at this point because I have no idea what happened after that. I don’t know if I made it home or if the whale survived (which I doubt because it was already out of the water, so it must have already been dead).

After that I was back in school and I was in some sort of nursing class. There were several demonstrations going on around the classroom including a person demonstrating how to take care of a dislocated knee by walking on it and a woman giving birth while talking about how uncomfortable she was. After this, I wondered around to my other classes. I went to one class that was in a room about as big as a professor’s office. The walls were all glass and I was watching people walk by and try to figure out how to get into the room. The entrance slightly resembled a maze. While I was waiting for class to start, I was journaling about my dream that I had the night before. Once class started, I put my journal back into my suitcase of books and we began trying to figure out an unsloved mystery of a murder that happened years ago. We had been doing this for a while and I was sharing my thoughts about what happened when the teacher randomly started telling people to leave because they were not helping. She said that she only wanted a few people to help solve this mystery and before I could find out who she wanted, I woke up again.

That is the conclusion of my dream. There were some blurry spots and I know that there was more to buying the books and solving the murder but I woke up a few times and went right back to sleep, causing me to forget a lot of details when I wrote this in my log.


One Response to “January 4, 2009”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    haha i love the part about the age groups getting to get books, and the estimation of date you will be able to. Sounds like trying to get off the titanic or something!

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