I have been working on this quilt for a couple of weeks now and I am in love with it! I am making it for my mom’s birthday and I just want to keep it for myself. This is the completed front side. The quilt isn’t done (the back is going to be the green with leaves) but I am so thrilled with how it turned out I just couldn’t wait to share it! 




I am really excited about going to Jo-ann’s today. I am really anxious to start some new quilts!!! I asked my dad and stepmom for some quilting books for my birthday but I haven’t recieved it in the mail yet 😦 so I don’t know if I got any. I want some new patterns so I am going to wait for those books to start my projects but I am getting really anxious so I am going to look at some fabrics today. I have three quilts that I need to start working on and only one of them has fabric to show for it plus I want to finish these so that maybe I can make a new one for myself to take to school with me…I don’t know yet though. Anyway, I have some crafting days for myself coming up so you should be seeing some new projects on here soon (ish). yay!

Oh I had a wonderful birthday this year! I got to celebrate it a day early with James and it was amazing.

We went to dinner at Farelli’s for pizza. It was funny because it took us forever to decide what we wanted and then we decided that we wanted a big pizza so that we could have leftovers because we ate dinner super early. Then when they brought our pizza to us the lady was like “there are three pieces here that got really done on the crust. Do you want us to make another small pizza for you to make up for it?” We were like “HECK YES!” So we got our extra pizza and had a ton left over.

James got me some awesome pictures and roller baldes for my birthday. They are so amazing and we went down to the Tacoma waterfront to rollerblade. Before we went, we decide that maybe we should go on a practice run outside the house before we went because there are some pretty amazing rollerbladers down there and we didn’t want to look like idiots. I am so glad that we practiced. Rollerblading is a lot harder than I remember it being. We practiced and adjusted my rollerblades for a good hour before we felt a tiny bit confident that we wouldn’t totally embarrass ourselves.


These are the blades. The ones on the right are his and the ones on the left are mine.


This is the result of practice. I would have rather had it happen in front of the house instead of at the water front.

The drive to the waterfront…





“What are you even taking pictures of?”


“My motto is point and shoot.”














It was a great day and although I acquired some bumps and bruises, it was worth it.

My brother’s birthday is tomorrow (September 11th) and today we had an awesome birthday party for him. He is going to be seven and he had a ton of friends over. It was a carnival theme and my step-mom rented a dunk tank and then she set up five other games (duck pond, ring toss, balloon darts, ping pong toss, and tin can alley). It was so much fun! All of the kids got to play each game once and then they got ticket for each game and got to buy prizes with their tickets. The cake was awesome too. It was a roller coaster and it was 3-D with bumps and turns. He is one lucky boy. It was an amazing party and my brother got some really cool presents. It was wonderful to be here because I have never been with my brother on his birthday so it was really cool to meet all of his friends and hang out with him and what not. My dad was really funny because he was all stressed because he got a lot of presents and my dad was like, “that kid has everything he doesn’t need anymore presents.” My step-mom is really generous and creative so she told my brother that he has to donate two of his presents to charity, which I thought was a really nice thing. Anyways, I am super worn out from all of the kids and yelling and screaming, but it was really fun.