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Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins, was such an amazing book. This book is the sequel to Hunger Games and I loved Hunger Games but, in my opinion, Catching Fire was better! I would say that the books fall under the suspense category, with a little bit of a love story, and a lot of action! There was so much suspense and so many unexpected twists that I could not put the book down; I wanted to know what was going to happen next at all times. I love this series and the ending made me hungry for more (witty I know…). The third book comes out in August and I cannot wait to get it! I would love to provide a little description of the story line but I do not want to give anything away…You will just have to go see for yourself!


…that is how I feel about life right now. I have been having a wonderful week and I hope that all of you are too! Things have been busy, hence the no blog writing, but I just wanted to write a note to let you know that I am alive an things are better than ever. Some things that are making me love life right now:

1. I had a project in my religion class that was due tomorrow and it got extended to Tuesday
2. Adjustments are being made to the syllabus in my anthropology class so we don’t have any reading until Wednesday of next week
3. Our nursing uniforms arrived today
4. It is almost the weekend
5. I got the results of two tests that I took last week and I got an A and a B

Things are going so well and I love school.
I also love this boy


more than anything.

I have been working on this quilt for a couple of weeks now and I am in love with it! I am making it for my mom’s birthday and I just want to keep it for myself. This is the completed front side. The quilt isn’t done (the back is going to be the green with leaves) but I am so thrilled with how it turned out I just couldn’t wait to share it! 



I am just sitting here listening to my new music, eating some dinner, and enjoying a quiet evening. I had a fabulous weekend going to a wedding, hanging out with the boyfriend (who is on his way over here right now with some skinny cows, yum!), and getting to see my sister and her kiddies. This time by myself and this wonderful music is just allowing me to reflect on the things that are happening in my life right now and I am so fortunate! First of all, I have the greatest best friend ever (Kimmi), an amazing family, and a wonderful boyfriend. However, I think that I am most fortunate because I get to go to nursing school in the fall (woohoo!) and I cannot wait to move! My room is just filling up with things that I am taking with me and as more things on the dorm room wish list get crossed off, I think of more things I need and want. I will definitely be posting pictures on here when I get settled but it is pretty much going to be amazing!

Also, I have been sewing like a maniac so I will be posting some pictures of my finished projects soon as well as pictures from all of my vacations this summer; I still have 2 more coming! I have a lot of drafts as well, I am terrible, so more exciting posts will be coming…I promise!

Today I finished reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer and I was very pleased with the ending. I won’t ruin it for people who have not read it but I am very excited for the second book to come out. I have been super obsessive over Stephenie Meyer and her books lately, it is actually really sad, but the more I think about her writing, especially the Twilight series, the more I wish these books were real. I have no idea why, but the stories are so passionate and ideal, I just wish that more people could experience that love in real life. Edward and Bella and Ian and Wanda and Mel and Jared just have a love that is fulfilling and that is why the books are so amazing. And my favorite thing about their love is that it is so pure. AH! It is just awesome!

In addition, when I went to Forks, it just made me even more excited about the story and and for Twilight the movie to come out and it just confirmed my wishes of the book being a reality. I totally feel like a freak because I love it so much but my sister is in the same boat so I guess that it makes me feel a little better.

If you are interested in the Twilight series, here are some of the pictures that I took on my trip to Forks.