So many new and wonderful things have been happening yet I have not had the time to write about them. I will just list a few of them so that you can all catch up with me:

1. I started clinicals! It has been…interesting. I have to wake up super early which is a bummer but I always feel really good about myself after I leave the nursing home; it makes me happy to make other people happy, especially cute old people:)

2. Jenni’s lil’ love is finally here! He is the sweetest little baby boy in the world (along with my nephew, of course)  and I am so happy for her and her hubby! Congratulations Jen!

3. It is almost Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday!

4. This weekend I get to hang out with the best friend while we go to my sister’s house to work on her project! I am so stoked because I haven’t seen her in a while and we will get to spend most of the day together (it is a long drive Kim)!

5. Last but not least, it is finally here tomorrow…I think you know what it is…oh yes! New Moon. I am going to the midnight showing and I am pretty stoked. It should be amazing.

I hope that everyone is having a great week!


I am pretty excited because the best friend made me a super cute headband:
Everyone should check out the etsy shop that she, her mom, and her sister run…it is amazing!

I cannot wait for classes to start. Sitting around all day, by yourself, doing nothing is getting quite boring. Since I moved, my life has consisted of setting up my room (which is finished now), watchings seasons 1 and 2 of Roseanne, reading tons of posts on, trying to figure out my printer, and playing wii (by myself). All of these things have started to make me feel like a loser. It wasn’t bad the first day, I was feeling rather productive, but after I was playing the wii by myself for an hour, I began to feel the affects of lonerville. Additionally, as much as I love Roseanne, I still can’t believe how much of it I have watched since I have been here.

Nothing worth writing about has happened to me since I have moved and I hope that either something incredibly funny or embarrassing happens to me sometime soon. This life of doing nothing is getting quite old and rather sad, very fast.

I think I will just watch this video the the best friend, Kimmi, posted on her blog. It makes me laugh.

I am just sitting here listening to my new music, eating some dinner, and enjoying a quiet evening. I had a fabulous weekend going to a wedding, hanging out with the boyfriend (who is on his way over here right now with some skinny cows, yum!), and getting to see my sister and her kiddies. This time by myself and this wonderful music is just allowing me to reflect on the things that are happening in my life right now and I am so fortunate! First of all, I have the greatest best friend ever (Kimmi), an amazing family, and a wonderful boyfriend. However, I think that I am most fortunate because I get to go to nursing school in the fall (woohoo!) and I cannot wait to move! My room is just filling up with things that I am taking with me and as more things on the dorm room wish list get crossed off, I think of more things I need and want. I will definitely be posting pictures on here when I get settled but it is pretty much going to be amazing!

Also, I have been sewing like a maniac so I will be posting some pictures of my finished projects soon as well as pictures from all of my vacations this summer; I still have 2 more coming! I have a lot of drafts as well, I am terrible, so more exciting posts will be coming…I promise!