is my middle name right now. I have been packing for my move this Thursday and I have a long ways to go. My biggest problem is that I want to take more than I have room for. It is very difficult to pick what I want to leave behind. Packing my clothes with be hell.

In other news, my cousin is getting married on the 12th and I have a lot to do for that as well. All of the bridesmaids are doing a dance at the reception and I have not been practicing at all. I know about the first 10 seconds….I have a ways to go.

School starts on the 8th, thank goodness I have all of my paperwork done but until the wedding is over, I will not be comfortable with prioritizing my tasks for the first week of school. Although I cannot wait to start, I am also dreading it because I know I have so much to do other than school.

I went on vacation last week and I am too lazy to blog about that right now and post pictures. I will do that later as well post some things that I have been meaning to post for the last couple of months (oh I am terrible). I will say that vacation was amazing and so much fun.

I will be posting pictures of my room once I get it all together…I can’t wait!


I have been super excited about moving in the beginning of September and with two vacations coming up before my move I am thinking that I should get big projects done before I leave. I am anticipating enough room in my dorm for a chair and a table (since I will be able to raise my bed and put something underneath it) so I decided to take a rocking chair from my house. It is the rocking chair that my parents purchased when I was born and my mom is saving it for me for when I have kids. I decided to take it so they can get it out of their room. It is quite worn down and the cushions are very 80’s looking (in a bad way). The chair is white but actually it is more of a yellowy white just from wear over the years. I repainted it white today and am very pleased with it. I still need to put one more coat on it so pictures will be up when it is finished. I am going to make some new cushions and then make curtains out of the same fabric.

Kimmi and I went thrift store shopping today and I am super excited about the possibility of finding an uber cool table and mirrior. We are going to go to the habitat for humanity shop tomorrow and I saw an awesome mirrior in the window today; if it isn’t a zillion dollars hopefully I can snatch it up! Everything is finally coming together and I am so excited!