I have been super excited about moving in the beginning of September and with two vacations coming up before my move I am thinking that I should get big projects done before I leave. I am anticipating enough room in my dorm for a chair and a table (since I will be able to raise my bed and put something underneath it) so I decided to take a rocking chair from my house. It is the rocking chair that my parents purchased when I was born and my mom is saving it for me for when I have kids. I decided to take it so they can get it out of their room. It is quite worn down and the cushions are very 80’s looking (in a bad way). The chair is white but actually it is more of a yellowy white just from wear over the years. I repainted it white today and am very pleased with it. I still need to put one more coat on it so pictures will be up when it is finished. I am going to make some new cushions and then make curtains out of the same fabric.

Kimmi and I went thrift store shopping today and I am super excited about the possibility of finding an uber cool table and mirrior. We are going to go to the habitat for humanity shop tomorrow and I saw an awesome mirrior in the window today; if it isn’t a zillion dollars hopefully I can snatch it up! Everything is finally coming together and I am so excited!

I am just sitting here listening to my new music, eating some dinner, and enjoying a quiet evening. I had a fabulous weekend going to a wedding, hanging out with the boyfriend (who is on his way over here right now with some skinny cows, yum!), and getting to see my sister and her kiddies. This time by myself and this wonderful music is just allowing me to reflect on the things that are happening in my life right now and I am so fortunate! First of all, I have the greatest best friend ever (Kimmi), an amazing family, and a wonderful boyfriend. However, I think that I am most fortunate because I get to go to nursing school in the fall (woohoo!) and I cannot wait to move! My room is just filling up with things that I am taking with me and as more things on the dorm room wish list get crossed off, I think of more things I need and want. I will definitely be posting pictures on here when I get settled but it is pretty much going to be amazing!

Also, I have been sewing like a maniac so I will be posting some pictures of my finished projects soon as well as pictures from all of my vacations this summer; I still have 2 more coming! I have a lot of drafts as well, I am terrible, so more exciting posts will be coming…I promise!