It seems these days that I have fallen off the face of the earth. School has been consuming all of my time and I feel like it has been quite a while since I have even typed into the browser And indeed it has.

I am on spring break! which is why I sit before you know writing this blog. I have been compiling a list of topics that I have been wanting to write about so that when this time came, I would be able to catch up on what I have been meaning to do for a while now.

First, of course, is The Bachelor. We all now know who Jake picked: Vienna. Jakes seems to really be happy so I really do not have much to say about the finale. I was just sad to see Tenley go, but she had so much class with the way that she left. Jason and Molly’s wedding was fabulous! I love them together and their wedding was so beautiful…it gave me lots of new and wonderful ideas for when my big day comes! Lastly, I am really excited for Ali to be the new bachelorette! She will be fantastic and I am awaiting May to come around so that I can fill my Mondays with the bachelorette once again.

On my spring break I have many things planned:

1. read recreationally. I have many books that I have been wanting to read, including one that I have been in the middle of since January.

2. Sleep. I have been rather sleep deprived these last few weeks and it will be fabulous to catch up.

3. Blog! Like I said before, I have several topics that I have been wanting to share and I am excited I finally get to get back into a blogging groove (if I was ever in one).

It feels great to be back and I will keep up on here for as long as I can. Once spring break is over I may fall of the face of the planet again, but come summer, I will return!

Have a great day!


I cannot wait for classes to start. Sitting around all day, by yourself, doing nothing is getting quite boring. Since I moved, my life has consisted of setting up my room (which is finished now), watchings seasons 1 and 2 of Roseanne, reading tons of posts on, trying to figure out my printer, and playing wii (by myself). All of these things have started to make me feel like a loser. It wasn’t bad the first day, I was feeling rather productive, but after I was playing the wii by myself for an hour, I began to feel the affects of lonerville. Additionally, as much as I love Roseanne, I still can’t believe how much of it I have watched since I have been here.

Nothing worth writing about has happened to me since I have moved and I hope that either something incredibly funny or embarrassing happens to me sometime soon. This life of doing nothing is getting quite old and rather sad, very fast.

I think I will just watch this video the the best friend, Kimmi, posted on her blog. It makes me laugh.