School consumes my life and I decided that I need to take some time to post a blog to keep my sanity…

I recently started a new job and the other day we went to the Pacific Science Center! I have never been before and it was really fun! I wanted to share some of my pictures that I took in the butterfly house.

I took a ton of pictures but these were my favorites.

In other news, this week was long one. My cousin gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Addison, on Tuesday morning, which is most of the reason why my week was long. She went into labor on Easter Sunday and then went into the hospital Monday morning between 2:30 and 3:00 am. I was positive that she would have the baby before I got out of class at 3:00 pm that day…she did not. I went to the hospital to be there for the big show and was there for about 16 hours before Addison finally made her arrival at 6:44 on Tuesday morning. I had to drive back to school around 7:30 that morning and I was so thankful that I did not have class that day…I would have died. That lack of sleep really set me back for the rest of the week but I have caught up as of now and it was so worth it to be able to be there when Addison was born. I hope that everyone has had a great week and has a wonderful weekend!