I am feeling good today! I have accomplished a lot of things and my stress level seems to be falling at a steady pace. I came home last night so that I could get some things that I left here, color my mom’s hair, do some laundry, and ditch my printer (which brings be to my day yesterday):

Since I have moved in, I have been trying to set up my printer. After 3 days, it still is not working. I tried EVERYTHING and everytime I would install it it would say the printer was ready and then when I tried to print something, my computer said that it was not connected to the printer. My tolerance of this started to boil over after reinstalling it about 10 times. So I had the boyfriend come over and check it out because he is very tech savy. He couldn’t figure it out either. So we decided to just google the error message that we were getting and came to find out that it was a vista problem (doy, I had a hunch that was the problem). So I was frustrated that vista had disappointed again and worried about what I was going to do about a printer. I read some solutions and appearantly there is some sort of driver that you can install to fix the problem. After trying to install this driver, I got a message from my antivirus saying that I had 3 high threat infections. Great. I scanned my computer and got everything cleaned out. Luckily there was no virus but it was too close of a call. So I decide just to bring my worthless-to-vista-printer home and figure something out. I then realized that I had purchased a pack of ink for this printer that cost me 50 bones. I took that back and then proceeded to pay 25 extra dollars for a vista compatable printer. So I finally got a printer that works and I do not have a virus.

In other news, I was looking for a curtain to put in my closet to cover it up. I just bought a sheet and transformed it into a curtain. So for 13 dollars, viola! I have a curtain that looks amazing! I am thrilled.

Today I have to attend dance practice for my cousin’s wedding. After this, I can return to school and get sleep for my first day of classes tomorrow! WOOOO!

I am a High School Musical lover and this song makes me happy. Even if you’re not an HSM fan, you should still watch it, enjoy!

I am so relieved! I am finally moved into my dorm and I love it. My room is actually pretty decent sized and all of my stuff fits perfectly. Adding to the loveliness is the fact that I have a room to myself and I don’t have to worry about a roommates things all over the place. I LOVE it.

I have 3 interviews to day, one down, two to go. I still have some setting up to technically; my printer isnt connected to my computer yet (which I need to do before my next interview because I have to print some things off. Eek!)

I will have some pictures of my room up soon!