Yesterday was the Christmas party for my mom’s side of the family and it was amazing, as always! We had a ton of food and seeing my family is always so much fun. With eating, presents, wii, and visiting/laughing a ton, it was a great day and night. And here are some pictures from the event!

This week is going to be really laid back and then after Friday, we will begin more family Christmas mania! And I cannot wait.


I cannot wait for classes to start. Sitting around all day, by yourself, doing nothing is getting quite boring. Since I moved, my life has consisted of setting up my room (which is finished now), watchings seasons 1 and 2 of Roseanne, reading tons of posts on, trying to figure out my printer, and playing wii (by myself). All of these things have started to make me feel like a loser. It wasn’t bad the first day, I was feeling rather productive, but after I was playing the wii by myself for an hour, I began to feel the affects of lonerville. Additionally, as much as I love Roseanne, I still can’t believe how much of it I have watched since I have been here.

Nothing worth writing about has happened to me since I have moved and I hope that either something incredibly funny or embarrassing happens to me sometime soon. This life of doing nothing is getting quite old and rather sad, very fast.

I think I will just watch this video the the best friend, Kimmi, posted on her blog. It makes me laugh.