Yes 2010 is here, crazy. I have not made a new year’s resolution and I am not sure if I am going to, resolution schmesolution. I am just trying to enjoy these last few days of my break and I am hoping that my January stays pretty low key.
Snowboarding with the boyfriend was really fun. I fell a lot, which was expected, I have a very soar butt, which was also expected, I did really well after we ate lunch, not expected. I was really happy that after we ate lunch I spent hardly any time at all on my butt and I spent most of it actually snowboarding. I had a great time overall and I am really excited for the next time that we go, which will be soon.
As promised I have some pictures from our trip and just some randoms from experimenting with my new camera.

My mom and me.

My niece Aggie.

My nephew Hudson.

The best friend Kimmi and I shopping in downtown Olympia.

So glad the boyfriend is back from Florida!

The boyfriend and me taking a walk at sunset.

The harbor in downtown Olympia.

The capitol.

On our way to White Pass!

White Pass.

The lovely boyfriend and myself.

The first half of my day.

Eating lunch.

Getting ready to drive home.


I was very curious about what the boyfriend was going to get me for Christmas because it was very oddly shaped and he told me I would never guess it….it was a snowboarding trip to White Pass! I have been wanting to try snowboarding and when we went to Mt. Hood last year we really wanted to go together. So we just got back from renting our snowboards and we are waking up soooo early to head up to the pass and spend the day there. I am pretty excited, to say the least.

Also, I have been taking lots of pictures with my new camera and it is AMAZING! After our trip tomorrow I will definitely be posting pictures!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful end of the year and I am looking forward to sharing all of my pictures with you!