After I got out of class on a fine Wednesday afternoon, I was driving to my aunt’s house to hang out until I had to work. I took a right turn toward her house. The speed limit was 25 MPH and I had just turned so I was going a safe 20 MPH with my hands at 10 and 2. I was about to pass a gas station when a RV pulled out in front of me. The driver was cutting it a little close as he was pulling out. I had to brake a little bit but it was no big deal. Right after the RV pulled out, a middle aged man driving a mustang did not stop at the stop sign and pulled out right in front of me (middle aged men in sports cars are almost worse than old people in sports cars). I had to slam on my brakes and I was really close to hitting him. I was a little shaken up but I was in one piece and so was my car so it was okay.

Later that day. I was at work and had to go to the store. After picking up what I needed, I was walking to my car when a woman was driving toward me in the parking lot, but she was far enough away that I figured she would stop and let me cross the street. Any normal person would stop for a pedestrian, if they were paying attention. Appearantly, she was not.  She was going a little faster than a person who is not paying attention should be going and she nearly hit me. I had to run across the road and she finally stopped when she noticed a pedestrian in the parking lot (who knew?).  I made it to my car without being hit and everyone lived. Thank goodness.


Why do you buy a car that can go fast? So that you can drive it fast!

Would would you buy a fast car and then drive it 45 miles per hour on the freeway? Because you are old!

It really bothers me when I am driving on the freeway behind a slow car. Not only this but I strongly dislike it when this car is a sports car or a car that is clearly meant to be going far faster than it is. And when you finally do pass this car, it is always an old person. I don’t get it. old-people