Yesterday was the Christmas party for my mom’s side of the family and it was amazing, as always! We had a ton of food and seeing my family is always so much fun. With eating, presents, wii, and visiting/laughing a ton, it was a great day and night. And here are some pictures from the event!

This week is going to be really laid back and then after Friday, we will begin more family Christmas mania! And I cannot wait.


I have a story…as promised from yesterday’s blog. A couple of weekends ago I was getting frustrated because I still have not received my degree from the community college that I graduated from in June and they told me that I would get it four months after the completion of my classes; it has now been six months. I was looking through paperwork from the school and I decided that I should look at my transcript online to make sure that I actually did get the degree I thought that I applied for. Sure enough, my degree was posted, and even better, it was posted as a direct transfer degree. This means that when my classes got transferred to PLU I wouldn’t have to take any general university requirements. Unfortunately, for some reason PLU did not have me listed as having a direct transfer degree and they told me that I had to take 5 more classes. So I was already registered to take a class during J-term for one of the requirements to get it out of the way and I was so excited when I found out I didn’t have to take it. To make a long story short, I carried out so much correspondance with the school that pretty much went as follows: SPSCC sent my transcripts before my degree was posted so I would have to request a new official transcript, I did this and the school still has not received it (one frustrating thing), in the place of the class I am taking I was going to take a phsychology class so that I could get a minor but they were all full (pretty much a lose-lose situation there), if I did drop the class and the school received my transcript I could do two things: pay $450 for food and not take a class but just work or pay $200 for the late fee to cancel my room and stay home for an extra month and not work (also a lose-lose situation). There has been so much fuss and stress over this (and I am sure there is so much to the story I have left out as I have been dealing with this for the last 2+ weeks) that I just decided to keep the class because J-term tuition is free, I could still work, and then when PLU gets my transcript I would be fine and I would gain some new knowledge from the philosophy class that I am taking (I am trying to look at the silver lining). SOOOO that is the story.

In other more exciting news, tomorrow we are having our family chrismas party and I am really excited; it is my favorite part of Christmas!!!
This is last years Christmas tree…I just wanted something Christmasy on here though! And I won’t be such a butt about posting pictures on here so I will post some pictures from the partay tomorrow! Hope you are having a great weekend!

I want to write something so badly but all that I can do is just stare at my computer. Just stare blankly at my screen waiting for words to come. And this is it. Pathetic.

It has been such a long time since I have posted anything on here and I thought to myself just a few minutes ago, “I will go make a new post on wordpress!” And now here I am. With nothing to say.

The holidays have been good to me. It is always so good to see my family and it reminds me what this time of year is really about. I discovered this year that when it is Christmas time, I spend so much time wrapping the gifts that I bought for people just to watch them rip the paper off the package. My hard work and time, destroyed. Then I got to wondering if other people feel this way about their hard work and labor. So this year I made a point to compliment the packages and their wrapping before I opened it. I think that this actually made people happy to see that I didn’t only care to see about what was inside the package, but that I was sincerely thankful that they got me something. I feel very philisophical right now.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and I hope that the new year brings good things for everyone.