I cannot believe it is Christmas and in a few days it is going to be 2010…weird. Today has been an extremely lazy day just hanging out with our new goodies brought to us by Santa. I got a new camera, which is pretty amazing, so I have pretty much just been messing around with the features and taking pictures. A funny story….
In mid-November my mom bought my brother (who is 12) an Ipod for Christmas. She was really excited about it and she purchased it on ebay. I have owned 2 ipods, both purchased on ebay and I have not had any problems. Today when my brother opened it to put some music on it, I was confused because it does not look like my ipod; needless to say, it is not a real apple ipod, although it says apple ipod right on it. Luckily my mom should be able to return it because she is covered by ebay’s protection thing and she is just going to buy him one at the store tomorrow…which would have been the best idea to begin with. So my poor brother got a fake ipod for Christmas. It will all work out in the end though….
The boyfriend is coming home from his Disney World vacation tomorrow. I cannot wait, I have missed him so much. He said that it was weird waking up this morning because it was not Chirstmasy at all and although it is fun to be in 80 degree weather in December, it is much more fun to be in Christmas-like weather at Christmas time.
I hope that everyone has a very merry christmas and I will be posting some sweet pictures from my new camera soon!

I do not listen to the radio. I listen to my ipod. I listen to my ipod too much. I am not aware of any new music or lovely new artists that are gracing the radiolistening population with their presence. I am boring and I listen to the same music, constantly. I got a ton of iTunes gift cards for christmas and I have had a really hard time finding new music. I bought the new Jason Mraz CD (which I have wanted for a while and it is amazing!), I bought the newest Ray LaMontagne CD (which I love as well) and I bought The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on an audio book. This leads me to a tangent (bear with me)

My Tangent about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

I was browsing the iTunes store and came upon some audio books. Because I drive a lot I thought that this would be something new and neat that I could purchase. I was looking at the top audio books and I noticed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I was a little bit confused because I had no idea that the movie that just came out was written from a book. So I bought it and to my pleasant surprise, it was super cheap, and only shortly over an hour. I was shocked. I looked it up on borders.com to find that the book is only 64 pages. It is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is an amazing story and  I know that the movie is going to be really amazing because the story leaves a lot of room for interpretation and a lot of room for the people who wrote the script to add a lot of great material.

My tangent is over:

So I need some new music. I have been searching all over and I found some kinda cool stuff but nothing that I want to run out and buy right away (or I guess in my case, order on iTunes right away). My sister is brining me some new awesome music when I see her tomorrow and I am excited for that but I need some suggestions. What does everyone listen to (that is good)?