First,  I would just like to apologize for my vacation from blogging world, it was very much unintentional. Life has been crazy and I have not had time to really sit down and post some useless very important reviews about The Bachelor. I am going to do my best to keep up on it from now on, I know that I have a lot of making up to do though, there is so much to post recently! With that said, lets get down to business…

So we all know that Vienna and Tenley are in the finale…I was so disappointed to see Gia go. The third person is always the best (especially the last few seasons). I am really excited to see who he is going to pick…although I already know. The overnights were all great, he fits so well with Tenley and they make the perfect couple, it is almost as if they were really made for eachother. I thought he was really weird with Vienna at their dinner. He asked her what kind of rings that she liked and then right after he kind of slapped her in the face and told her that they have to be realistic and there were two other girls that he was falling for…awkward! Really what I think it came down to with Gia was that she just could not say how she felt. I truly believe that he already knew who he wanted to pick a long time ago and now he just has to get rid of everyone else, but he started falling for some other girls along the way.

The Women Tell All was just another amazing week. I really liked hearing what all of the other girls had to say, especially Gia and Ali, they were so well spoken. Michelle was actually really awesome. I just admire her for saying that she was who she was and if people didn’t like it, that is who she is and she isn’t going to try to hide it. She was surprisingly put together. Rozlyn on the other hand, I think was very inappropriate, especially some of the things that she said to Chris. I don’t understand though, why they even brought her on, she has denied everything up until now so why would it be any different when she was on television in front of a huge group of people. They were just trying to stir things up I guess.

I am really looking forward to the finale in a few days and I am super excited for Jason and Molly’s wedding.

I hope that everyone is having a great week and I hope that your weekend is spectacular!


This week on The Bachelor was quite an eventful one. I really like that they went on a road trip; it is different than anything that they have ever done and it gave them more of a real life experience, especially the date that Gia had with Jake. Speaking of which, Gia is my new favorite. I did not like her in the beginning, mostly because I judged her as a model and then she started to come out of her shell and after last night I realized she is really awesome and Jake should take note. They were really cute together and their date was so perfect! She really impressed with the fact that she is so much a city girl but she just had a really good time doing country girl stuff…plus I though it was funny that she wants a pig. The group date was an entirely different story. I was a bit skeptical of the sand boarding…you would get sand EVERYWHERE and I am not quite sure how I would feel about it. It looked really fun though! A funny quote from that date was when Vienna said, “You can have 30 minutes in the dune buggy with him, I don’t really care because I am going to marry him.” Very funny. While talking about Vienna, I could not believe that when he asked to go talk with her she said that she wanted to be last. How rude! Especially since he actually wanted to talk to her at that time and she was selfish and said no. The two on one date was crazy, as they always are. I felt like Ella would have been a really great match for Jake, but what do I know?! Once he sent her home though I knew that he was going to send Kathryn home, mostly because Ella was such a better match that I figured he wasn’t going to keep Kathryn either. The best shot of the entire season was when he threw the rose in the fire after that date…the cherry on top of a so far cheesy season! I loved it though. I also loved that all of the girls thought that Vienna was going to go home..he likes her so much, obviously. Why else would he keep her through all of the bad things that the girls are saying about her? Additionally, I think that he gives people the boot when they talk bad about her. Jessie was already most likely going home because she hasn’t really been close or open with him but I think that what she said about Vienna was really the last straw, the deciding factor, if you will. That is really the conclusion of what I have to say about this week’s episode. I am looking forward to next week, as usual.

I hope everyone has a great day!

This week was a dramatic week on the Bachelor! I enjoyed it very much, although I have started to like girls that I never really noticed and not liking other girls…First, was the one on one date with Vienna. The bungee jumping part was really sweet with them both afraid of heights and Vienna comforting him. Their first kiss was also very sweet yet a little cliche, especially since it was already done on the season with Jason and his bungee jumping date with Molly (there seems to be a lot of similarities between this season and the season with Jason). However, there is something about Vienna that just rubs me the wrong way. She is definitely not my favorite. Second was the group date. This date was very interesting and I think that it ended appropriately. I don’t think that anyone really deserved a rose and if they did it should have been Tenley, who I really like. I also think that it was appropriate for Michelle to go home. Her jokes were terrible and she already had her things packed, she was really asking for it. Even though it was nice to see her go, there were many memorable quotes from her tonight, “I am not desperate”, “I am here to find love and everybody…certain people knew that I was the one”, and finally, after everything, “Jake just is not right for me.” Oh what a night. I loved the one on one date with Ella (another flashback to the season with Jason and the single mom Stephanie). Her son was really adorable and she is just a really nice person. She is definitely one of my favorites. It was awesome that they got to get in the water with the trainers and they got to go in with the penguins, just a really awesome date. The rose cermony was something else. I am glad that Jake did not keep Elizabeth around because she really was such a tease. All she did when she was with him was talk about how much she wanted to kiss him but how much she really didn’t want him to kiss her but she wanted him to kiss her and then she would tease him about how much she wanted to save the kiss but she really wanted to kiss him….and around and around we go. It was her time to go tonight. Poor Valishia, I didn’t even know who she was when the ceremony was over. I also saw on a preview for tonight’s show in which Tenley said to Jake that she was pregnant….hmmmmm, interesting. First of all, that didn’t happen, and second of all, it was the part when she was telling him that she had previously been married. There has been so much deceit on the show this season with the producers of the show, it makes me sad. Anyway, that is really all that I have to say about this week’s episode, can’t wait until next week!

On another note, I am super excited for the olympics to start. Mostly to see my love Apolo Ohno. I loved him on the last olympics and when he was on Dancing With The Stars. I saw this commercial today and it made my heart sing! Go Apolo! Go here to see the commercial!

My opinion has definitely changed from last weeks episode of the bachelor. First, Jake is just such a nice guy. I loved when Christina was getting her picture taken and he could tell she was uncomfortable so he just worked his way in and made her feel 100% better (plus the part when she was drunk was hilarious). This improved my decision about him right away. Not that I ever thought that he was a bad guy, I just didn’t think he was right for the bachelor, he is too nice and somewhat naïve. After this, Ali went on her date with Jake and I just have to say I love her. I also loved the bit with Chicago (and that song!).  She seems like a really sweet person and she had an obvious spark with Jake. They make a really cute couple and I enjoyed watching their date, mostly because she just seems so awesome. I also enjoyed the second group date except there wasn’t really anybody from that group that I particularly favored. Ashleigh seems like she is a really happy and positive person and whenever she talked she just seemed so full of life, which is refreshing at the least; it was a bummer she got sent home. I thought it was funny when they were in the limo an she said “Oh, imagine your first kiss under the fireworks.” But Elizabeth and Jake weren’t kissing….kind of ironic. I don’t really have any comments on what happened wit h Rozlyn…it was weird and sad and disappointing but I think that there is more to the story. I wasn’t really shocked at who got sent home, the few people that I like are still around. Just a thought…I wonder if Christina took a pack of her jelly beans when she left?

I saw a preview for Dear John during the show and I cannot wait for it to come out. I previously read the book and I loved it. I think that the movie will be great!

That is all for today, hope everyone has a great day!