I was driving today and stopped at a stop light. While stopped, I found myself picking my nose and I thought to myself,

“What is it about driving and picking noses?”

I know everyone does it (yes, you have done it before) and I just wonder what it is about the act of driving that makes us want to pick our noses. I see it all the time and I laugh to myself but then when I find myself doing it I hope nobody saw me…because people really get into it! People really dig for boogers and I don’t know if people do this on a regular basis or if it is just their style while driving. Just an interesting observation I wanted to share…

I have a story to share of two friends who longed to see eachother. This story is not very exciting but it ends with a laugh and maybe a little bit of hope.

So last week I was trying really hard to get together with an old friend but our schedules were not agreeing with eachother at all. So I figured out a time when I would be in the area that her work (Lumbermans) is located in and I could just stop by and say hello. I was finally there and I was so excited to see her. I texted her right before I got there to let her know that I was coming and she was like oh that’s awesome because I have nothing going on. So I get there and I park and I was really confused because I was thinking to myself How could she not be doing anything right now, it is crazy busy? I just brush the thought of my should and I saunter in, trying to go unnoticed and when I get in, I didn’t see her. I sort of walked around the store trying to seem inconspicuous when I was texting her asking her where the heck she was. She finally answered me back telling me that I was most likely at the wrong Lumbermans, which I was, and I felt like a fool.

This story ends sadly with two friends who still have yet to see eachother and one of them is still trying to forget that awful encounter with stupidity. Perhaps they will see eachother in the near future, but the one who commited the stupid act will have to make sure she knows where she is going before anything will work out.