Hello, boy has it been a while. I looked at the last blog that I wrote and it was from summer break almost 2 years ago saying that I was back and that I would be writing much more…well here I am! Things are so hectic for me, now more than ever because I am in my last semester of nursing school (applause). I cannot wait to be done but I have much to accomplish before then. I just thought I would surprise those who follow me with a quick hello and a bit of an update in my life. Things are going swell and my time is mostly ┬áconsumed with work and school, with a little bit of reality television on select nights of the week. I have been precepting in labor and delivery and I love it…seeing the miracle of life each day that I work is so amazing and I feel very lucky. I have only just begun my work there and I have learned so much, with 12 weeks left! I hope that all is well with everyone out there and maybe I will surprise you all, and myself, with another post some time soon.