I will be starting a new, I guess you could call it segment, on my blog tomorrow. This segment will be about my dreams.

According to dictionary.com, sleep is “a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.” Lately I have been having a lot of these, and they have been strange. Usually I am good at remembering but when I really want to remember a dream, I seem to not be able to. I have heard of people keeping a log of their dreams (I know that sometimes people in therapy have to do it) so I am going to keep a notebook by my bed and right when I wake up, I am going to write my dream down so that I can remember it. Soon, most likely tomorrow, you will be able to get on good old wordpress, click on my page, and read what I dreamt about. I know what you are thinking; You can’t wait. It should actually be really interesting and if anyone can interpret dreams, I would be interested in finding out what my dreams might mean.

That is all for tonight. Sweet Dreams.


It has been a while since I have written a blog, or even been on wordpress. Things have been so crazy. School is going great and I am so proud of myself for how well I have been doing in my classes. I have been working so hard and when things work out the way that I want them to, I feel like I am on top of the world. I have been working on my college applications and thinking a lot about what is going to be happening in this next year. It is scary but really exciting. My main goal is to get into the University of Washington nursing program. I am applying to other schools as well but my number one choice is the University of Washington. So I kept telling myself for the longest time that I probably was not going to get in because I did not have a 4.0 and being negative about my ability to get into the program. The more that I have been looking at the school and looking at my grades and what they are looking for, I have decided that those negative thoughts were completely wrong. I am so passionate about being a pediatric nurse and I have been working so hard to be able to end up there in a few years and having negative thoughts and telling myself that I was not going to be able to do it was going to make sure that it wouldn’t happen for me. 

I was talking to my mom about being excited about applying to colleges and I cannot wait to go to nursing school and she told me that I should make a vision board. I just thought to myself Wow, that sounds really lame and unproductive. But she told me that she has heard a lot of people talk about how vision boards have worked for them, one of her co-workers made a vision board for his horse to place as one of the top in the nation and the horse placed tenth. I was still skeptical about it though. I did not even know what a vision board really even consisted of. All you have to do is just put pictures or symbols of what you want to acheive on the “board”, look at it for a few minutes everyday, and Shazam: Your dreams come true! It seems pretty amazing and silly and a little bit like a joke. It has to with the laws of attraction and just attracting the things that you want to you. If you have positive thoughts about it, it will happen. If you are negative, it will not. It is very simple. So I tried this laws of attraction theory out on my Anatomy and Physiology test. I just told myself that I was going to get an “A”. I told myself this often. Every time that I studied I said, “I am going to get an ‘A’ on this test.” Every time that I got frustrated with the material I just told myself, “I am giong to get an ‘A’ on this test.” I studied like I normally would, I didn’t study any more or less than I usually would, and Shazam: I got an “A”. So that is when I started putting my vision board together. It is still in progress but it looks good so far!

So that is my vision and in a few months, Shazam: I will be accepted to nursing school. Just like that. Haha. It sound so silly but it actually works. You should try it, maybe without the Shazam part though.