Hello, boy has it been a while. I looked at the last blog that I wrote and it was from summer break almost 2 years ago saying that I was back and that I would be writing much more…well here I am! Things are so hectic for me, now more than ever because I am in my last semester of nursing school (applause). I cannot wait to be done but I have much to accomplish before then. I just thought I would surprise those who follow me with a quick hello and a bit of an update in my life. Things are going swell and my time is mostly ┬áconsumed with work and school, with a little bit of reality television on select nights of the week. I have been precepting in labor and delivery and I love it…seeing the miracle of life each day that I work is so amazing and I feel very lucky. I have only just begun my work there and I have learned so much, with 12 weeks left! I hope that all is well with everyone out there and maybe I will surprise you all, and myself, with another post some time soon.

I am just sitting here listening to my new music, eating some dinner, and enjoying a quiet evening. I had a fabulous weekend going to a wedding, hanging out with the boyfriend (who is on his way over here right now with some skinny cows, yum!), and getting to see my sister and her kiddies. This time by myself and this wonderful music is just allowing me to reflect on the things that are happening in my life right now and I am so fortunate! First of all, I have the greatest best friend ever (Kimmi), an amazing family, and a wonderful boyfriend. However, I think that I am most fortunate because I get to go to nursing school in the fall (woohoo!) and I cannot wait to move! My room is just filling up with things that I am taking with me and as more things on the dorm room wish list get crossed off, I think of more things I need and want. I will definitely be posting pictures on here when I get settled but it is pretty much going to be amazing!

Also, I have been sewing like a maniac so I will be posting some pictures of my finished projects soon as well as pictures from all of my vacations this summer; I still have 2 more coming! I have a lot of drafts as well, I am terrible, so more exciting posts will be coming…I promise!