I am really excited about going to Jo-ann’s today. I am really anxious to start some new quilts!!! I asked my dad and stepmom for some quilting books for my birthday but I haven’t recieved it in the mail yet 😦 so I don’t know if I got any. I want some new patterns so I am going to wait for those books to start my projects but I am getting really anxious so I am going to look at some fabrics today. I have three quilts that I need to start working on and only one of them has fabric to show for it plus I want to finish these so that maybe I can make a new one for myself to take to school with me…I don’t know yet though. Anyway, I have some crafting days for myself coming up so you should be seeing some new projects on here soon (ish). yay!

I have been quilting like a maniac and I really wanted everyone to be able to see how all of them turned out. Some of these are older and some are quite new…


This is my first quilt and I made it for myself. This is the front of the quilt.


Close up of the front.


This is the back of the quilt.


This quilt I made for my cousin and her baby girl. It is kind of a bummer because she didn’t find out whether she was having a boy or a girl so we had to make it somewhat gender neutral. The back is the same as the front.


Close up of the pattern. This was taken before it was finished, it has lime green bias around the edges.

May-June 2009 027

This quilt I made for my sister and her new baby. They are having a boy and they have a Seahawks theme. This one is my favorite.

May-June 2009 029

May-June 2009 028

May-June 2009 030

This is the back.


This quilt is for my cousin and her new baby boy. They have a firetruck theme.

Kris's quilt


The back is plain red.

I also made a quilt for my boyfriend’s sister that is amazing… I need to get a picture of it though.

There are more in the making…stay tuned!