After taking Jenni’s advice about what I should do in this spare time of mine, I decided to post the pictures I took of my room (even though I hate the process of doing it, honestly, it takes FOREVER!)

This is the entry way and my closet. I am going to hang a curtain there so that my clothes are not always showing.

This is the rest of my room.

A close up of the bookshelf.

The desk and more shelving.

The, um, chair and stuff.

And lastly, the sleeping quarters.

I still haven’t decided where I am going to hang some of my pictures but for the most part, it is all put together.


I will be starting a new, I guess you could call it segment, on my blog tomorrow. This segment will be about my dreams.

According to, sleep is “a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.” Lately I have been having a lot of these, and they have been strange. Usually I am good at remembering but when I really want to remember a dream, I seem to not be able to. I have heard of people keeping a log of their dreams (I know that sometimes people in therapy have to do it) so I am going to keep a notebook by my bed and right when I wake up, I am going to write my dream down so that I can remember it. Soon, most likely tomorrow, you will be able to get on good old wordpress, click on my page, and read what I dreamt about. I know what you are thinking; You can’t wait. It should actually be really interesting and if anyone can interpret dreams, I would be interested in finding out what my dreams might mean.

That is all for tonight. Sweet Dreams.

So my entire reasoning for making a blog was because I felt like I had so much to say and, of course, once I get on here I feel like I have nothing to say. I guess blogging is simply the jounaling of the future.

One thing that I do want to say is that I just love my life. It seems kind of cliche, I suppose, for someone to say that they love their life, but I really do. I was just helping Kimmi pack to go to school and just thinking about some of the memories that we have had and memories that I have had with other people and how they have all added up to give me this wonderful life is amazing. The longer that I go to college and the more people that I meet and the more friends that I lose, no matter how bad I may think it is at the time, I think about the things that I do have in my life right this second and it is amazing. I have a best friend who is fun and loveable, a boyfriend who is perfect, and a family who loves me no matter what I do. Not many people have that all at one time in their lives and not many people have that at all. Not to mention my savior, with out Jesus, I would not have this life. And this leftover chinese food that I am eating right now isn’t bad either.

So with that being said, I guess I have let everyone know a bit about me, and I have gotten some of my thoughts out, wordpress is fullfilling its purpose for me.  And all in all I don’t think that it sounds too lame, it is my first blog after all, give me a break. But in any event, thanks for reading, if you made it this far, and I hope that my up and coming blogs are way more exciting. Cross your fingers.