I am looking at my genius recommendations on Itunes and it told me that I would like this band called Pony Pony Run Run. I really like their song Hey You but I cannot get a really good idea of what they are like. I listened to a couple of their songs on youtube and when I tried to read the reviews, they were all in a different language, weird. They remind me a little bit of Hellogoodbye but their latest CD I tired of reall quickly…I am looking for anyone who has heard of them or likes/loves/hates/dislikes them. Opinions?


Today I realized how close New Moon is to coming out. I am really looking forward to seeing the movie and what they do with it. This week is pretty low key with reading and homework so I decided that I am going to read the book again before I see the movie.  I got tickets to the midnight showing so I got a free download on Itunes of this song (I really like it)


I do not listen to the radio. I listen to my ipod. I listen to my ipod too much. I am not aware of any new music or lovely new artists that are gracing the radiolistening population with their presence. I am boring and I listen to the same music, constantly. I got a ton of iTunes gift cards for christmas and I have had a really hard time finding new music. I bought the new Jason Mraz CD (which I have wanted for a while and it is amazing!), I bought the newest Ray LaMontagne CD (which I love as well) and I bought The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on an audio book. This leads me to a tangent (bear with me)

My Tangent about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

I was browsing the iTunes store and came upon some audio books. Because I drive a lot I thought that this would be something new and neat that I could purchase. I was looking at the top audio books and I noticed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I was a little bit confused because I had no idea that the movie that just came out was written from a book. So I bought it and to my pleasant surprise, it was super cheap, and only shortly over an hour. I was shocked. I looked it up on borders.com to find that the book is only 64 pages. It is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is an amazing story and  I know that the movie is going to be really amazing because the story leaves a lot of room for interpretation and a lot of room for the people who wrote the script to add a lot of great material.

My tangent is over:

So I need some new music. I have been searching all over and I found some kinda cool stuff but nothing that I want to run out and buy right away (or I guess in my case, order on iTunes right away). My sister is brining me some new awesome music when I see her tomorrow and I am excited for that but I need some suggestions. What does everyone listen to (that is good)?