Hello, boy has it been a while. I looked at the last blog that I wrote and it was from summer break almost 2 years ago saying that I was back and that I would be writing much more…well here I am! Things are so hectic for me, now more than ever because I am in my last semester of nursing school (applause). I cannot wait to be done but I have much to accomplish before then. I just thought I would surprise those who follow me with a quick hello and a bit of an update in my life. Things are going swell and my time is mostly Ā consumed with work and school, with a little bit of reality television on select nights of the week. I have been precepting in labor and delivery and I love it…seeing the miracle of life each day that I work is so amazing and I feel very lucky. I have only just begun my work there and I have learned so much, with 12 weeks left! I hope that all is well with everyone out there and maybe I will surprise you all, and myself, with another post some time soon.

Only 23 days until summer and I am so excited. The school year is winding down quickly for me and I am thrilled that I will get to have my life back. I am working full time for the summer but I am so excited to not have homework. Life has been pretty crazy this semester, therefore, I have lost touch with a lot of people and even a little bit with myself…it seems like I am always doing homework and studying, but hey, the life of a nursing student. I have several goals for the summer and I thought that I would list just a few:

1. Read. I have missed reading recreationally so much. Every now and then I will get a night where I will spend 20-30 minutes reading, but it is rare.

2. See family and friends at least once a week. I will be working full time but I am hoping that the weekends will bring me some freedom and with the fact that I am staying in Tacoma over the summer, I am really going to try to get together with the people who mean the most to me.

3. RELAX. I do not want stress in my life over summer.

4. Enjoy myself.

Those are just a few of my goals and it will be interesting to see what working full time will bring to me. I have never worked full time and and I am really looking forward to the paychecks šŸ™‚

I hope everyone is having a great beginning to their May and who knows, the next time I get time to post something, it may be summer!

School consumes my life and I decided that I need to take some time to post a blog to keep my sanity…

I recently started a new job and the other day we went to the Pacific Science Center! I have never been before and it was really fun! I wanted to share some of my pictures that I took in the butterfly house.

I took a ton of pictures but these were my favorites.

In other news, this week was long one. My cousin gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Addison, on Tuesday morning, which is most of the reason why my week was long. She went into labor on Easter Sunday and then went into the hospital Monday morning between 2:30 and 3:00 am. I was positive that she would have the baby before I got out of class at 3:00 pm that day…she did not. I went to the hospital to be there for the big show and was there for about 16 hours before Addison finally made her arrival at 6:44 on Tuesday morning. I had to drive back to school around 7:30 that morning and I was so thankful that I did not have class that day…I would have died. That lack of sleep really set me back for the rest of the week but I have caught up as of now and it was so worth it to be able to be there when Addison was born. I hope that everyone has had a great week and has a wonderful weekend!

I recently got a new job and I have to sign a contract for the job, get it notarized, and mail it in. I cannot get paid until I send it in and then it takes about 6 weeks to process it…needless to say, I have been trying to get it done so that I can get paid! Today, I decided that I should be semi-productive and get it done. So I get all of my stuff ready to mail off and all I have to do is get it notarized, which I was told you should be able to go to any bank and do it. So I get in the car, feeling rather merry because I am going to get this done, and I go to the first bank I see, about 2 blocks away from school. Ā This bank is a credit union so I am thinking that the chances of me getting it done here are slim, since they probably require that you have an account there, but I decided it was worth a shot. They denied me, as expected, but told me that the DOL next door does it but there is a fee of five dollars. Being the poor college student that I am, there was no way I was going to pay five bones when I could go to a bank and get it done there for free. So on my way to the next bank, I spot a closer one. I go in and they were so willing to help me, until they asked if I had an account there, which I don’t, so I was turned away again. I was still feeling pretty good though because I was now going to go to a bank where I have an account. I go in, they tell me they can do it, and I sit down feeling like this was finally going to get done. After the guy, who was very nice, looked at the forms, he told me that, actually, he couldn’t do it. He had never been presented with a form like this and he did not know if he was qualified to notarize it. In my head I am thinking, All you have to do is look at my license and social security card and say that they are legit and then watch me sign it and then you have to sign it…you are not qualified to do that? Do you not know what a driver’s license and social security card are supposed to look like? But I graciously left and I felt a little defeated but I was just going to have to pay the fee at the DOL, which I was willing to do just so that I did not have to deal with it any more. I get to the DOL and walk in. I looked up at the board which listed their services and the prices. There were several listings that were unrelated to me: car tabs, license renewal, etc. and when I finally found notary public with $5.00 listed next to it, I was excited that I was finally going to get it done. That was until I read the fine print underneath it. It read, Cash Only. My heart felt like it stopped, my face turned red and started burning, and that was when the real feeling of defeat set in. I NEVER carry cash, who carries cash anymore? I then thought, Oh I can just go to the ATM at the school and get some money. That was when I remembered that the ATM charges a fee and you can only get cash in increments of $20. I was fuming! What is it going to take for me to get this thing notarized?!

At this point I am just frustrated that I still have this darn thing sitting on my desk, just waiting to be notarized. I am having dinner with my mom tonight and I called her to tell her situation so I have some hope that tonight she will have a five dollar bill and solve all of my problems. After this, the only possible thing that could go wrong would be to have them tell me that they also cannot notarize it because they have never been presented with this kind of form before.

As you can tell, I still have a little bit of bitterness toward that poor man at the bank who was just doing his job. Let’s just hope that by this time tomorrow I will have that thing in the mail and out of my life forever, and that I never have to get anything notarized ever again.

It seems these days that I have fallen off the face of the earth. School has been consuming all of my time and I feel like it has been quite a while since I have even typed into the browser www.wordpress.com. And indeed it has.

I am on spring break! which is why I sit before you know writing this blog. I have been compiling a list of topics that I have been wanting to write aboutĀ so that when this time came, I would be able to catch up on what I have been meaning to do for a while now.

First, of course, is The Bachelor. We all now know who Jake picked: Vienna. Jakes seems to really be happy so I really do not have much to say about the finale. I was just sad to see Tenley go, but she had so much class with the way that she left. Jason and Molly’s wedding was fabulous! I love them together and their wedding was so beautiful…it gave me lots of new and wonderful ideas for when my big day comes! Lastly, I am really excited for Ali to be the new bachelorette! She will be fantastic and I am awaiting May to come around so that I can fill my Mondays with the bachelorette once again.

On my spring break I have many things planned:

1. read recreationally. I have many books that I have been wanting to read, including one that I have been in the middle of since January.

2. Sleep. I have been rather sleep deprived these last few weeks and it will be fabulous to catch up.

3. Blog! Like I said before, I have several topics that I have been wanting to share and I am excited I finally get to get back into a blogging groove (if I was ever in one).

It feels great to be back and I will keep up on here for as long as I can. Once spring break is over I may fall of the face of the planet again, but come summer, I will return!

Have a great day!

This week on The Bachelor was quiteĀ an eventful one, with not as much drama. I loved the hometown dates and the families were all pretty normal, which I think may beĀ a first. My favorite hometown was probably Tenley’s. He was sooo awesome with her family and it was really sweet how much they connected with him. My least favorite, if you can guess, was Vienna’s; although I though that it was comical because it was very different from the rest of them. The dog, I must say, was ridiculous. I was really sad about Ali leaving, I really like her and I was shocked by the fact that she acutally left because of how much he was asking her stay….That would be a really hard decision to make, though. Personally I think that I would have stayed. Although it was sad, it was also really admirable of her because sometimes people come on these shows and they just throw themselves at the bachelor/bachelorette and it seems they will do anything. She will find someone eventually though, she seems like a really likeable girl who can meet people easily. I think this may be my shortest review yet…It is hard to remember what happened on the episodes when you procrastinate.

On sort of that same note, my head feels like it is going to explode. Spring semester is in full swing on only the second day and I am feeling very overwhelmed. Luckily I have a nice long five day weekend, which should give me a good amount of time to get caught up on the amazing amount of work that I have to do before next Wednesday.

In other news, I am super excited for a dance audition that I will be attending on Friday! I have not danced in so long and it is going to be really nice to get out there and do it again. It is just for fun for a show that PLU has in April. I am really looking forward to it and I will most definitely let you know how it goes.

Lastly, I am sorry that I have not posted any book reviews yet. Last week I finished another book and I am half way though another one (so I owe you a few reviews)! No worries though, I will try to find some time this weekend and hopefully I can inspire someone out there to read the wonderful books I have been enjoying lately! I hope that everyone has a great ending to their week!

No, not McDonalds. I am loving the song Somewhere We Only Know by Keane more than anything right now! I was inspired to purchase it after watching He’s Just Not That Into You last week and I cannot get enough of it.

School is pretty crazy right now, trying to do a class in four weeks is a very big commitment; it is like having a full load of classes. I only have 2 weeks left and I cannot wait to get back to nursing classes.

A couple of other things that I have been meaning to say:

1. Fanny Packs should be bannished. It disturbs and frustrates me when I see people wearing them, please stop trying to bring them back into style, they will never make it.Ā  I saw a girl at a basketball game yesterday wearing one and she was really trying hard to makeĀ a fashion statement with it and I just really wanted to ask her to take it off and burn it…it may seem harsh but they bother me.

2. Congratulations Cindy on your new baby boy!Ā  I cannot wait to meet him!

3. I am so thankful that it is a 3 day weekend. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

I will leave you will the video for Somewhere We Only Know…unfortunately, it cuts the end of the song off(what can you do?) ENJOY!