I will be starting a new, I guess you could call it segment, on my blog tomorrow. This segment will be about my dreams.

According to dictionary.com, sleep is “a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.” Lately I have been having a lot of these, and they have been strange. Usually I am good at remembering but when I really want to remember a dream, I seem to not be able to. I have heard of people keeping a log of their dreams (I know that sometimes people in therapy have to do it) so I am going to keep a notebook by my bed and right when I wake up, I am going to write my dream down so that I can remember it. Soon, most likely tomorrow, you will be able to get on good old wordpress, click on my page, and read what I dreamt about. I know what you are thinking; You can’t wait. It should actually be really interesting and if anyone can interpret dreams, I would be interested in finding out what my dreams might mean.

That is all for tonight. Sweet Dreams.